Holidays Are Here And You Don’t Have A Job

Yes, the holiday’s are upon us and you don’t have a job, no biggie. I’ve discovered another way to generate some revenue to get gifts for the important ones in your life. VenJuvo, a company that specializes in trade in services for electronics, and Sears (yes, I said Sears) have teamed up for a trade for credit program. You can trade in electronics for a Sears gift card worth the value of your product.  This could mean hundreds of dollars if you have good stuff. Word on the street is they really appreciate iPods, first generation iPhones, and digital cameras but they’ll take other items as well. Simply follow these instructions:

Step 1: Log onto and select your item

Step 2: Enter the specific details of your electronic item (memory, condition, accessory details) to calculate the item’s estimated trade-in value

Step 3: Print out the prepaid mailing label, package the electronic item and mail it to VenJuvo

Step 4: VenJuvo validates the electronic item and its value upon receipt

Step 5: If validated, you will collect your Sears gift card. A gift card will be issued within three business days from receipt of the item.

For more information about the VenJuvo and Sears Trade4Credit program, visit .

If you’re a techinista like myself, you have plenty of gadgets that you no longer use or never quite figured out how to use, or you’re simply over. Perhaps this is just me, but I can stand to part with some of the hi-tech stuff I own, like one of the three iPods I rarely use. Yes, I’m a hoarder! For those that scoff at Sears, did we learn nothing from the great Ross shoe come up? Don’t knock it. And if you don’t care to purchase gifts for yourself or others from Sears you can always put that card toward  tires, brakes, or other car services at the Sears Automotive Center.


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