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Have You No Pride?

I love my blackberry. Seriously, I’m laid up sipping root beer, fighting off the notion to toss my cookies as I write this. No, the Unemployed and Fabulous is not knocked up, just a smidge under the weather. My grandmother isn’t making it any better by calling to instruct me to watch Oprah because something noteworthy will be featured; but not today, tomorrow, but watch it now because they may mention it; “something about how to keep a job and something you can do for free to improve myself. ” Sheesh.

018_82560pimpin-postersI have found something free I can do to improve myself. I’ve been on the job hunt for a minute now, and  early into this process I took notice of the number of companies out there pimpin’, technically put, employing interns. I was thinking, no wonder I’m not getting hired; they’re gettin’ it for free. That’s some shullbit! I can’t work for free, I’m passed that stage.  Six months later, the tide has turned and I’m now thinking, an internship might be the way to go? I talked to a few other unemployed and fabulous people, and they too have realized the glory of an internship. To hell with pride!

The internship offers many benefits. Not only is it a way to get into a company and develop new skill sets (without adding to your debt by returning to school) but it allows you the ability to remain relevant in your field, transition into a new field and do so with relevant work experience; develop business contacts and network with others in the field; learn the culture of an industry and a company–that dream job may be a nightmare; secure a job reference in a new field, etc. Think of an internship as an investment; when the market opens up, you’ll be able to cash in.  At the end of the day businesses rely on interns to fill vacancies. If you’re on point, you’re already in position. Think about it.

You can locate an internship on job boards just like you would a 9 to 5, only this time, instead of snubbing the internships, perhaps you’ll investigate them a bit further. As usual, I suggest Craigslist for finding an internship for non students.



Eat. Drink. See. Be Merry.

Nothing like the holidays and now, confirmed recession, to remind you of your joblessness. No company holiday party and no excess funds to blow this year. Bah Humbug you say.  Well buck up little champ, hopefully these three events can render a little holiday cheer for those of us in the LA area.

Let’s party with a purpose. The great people of pinkslipmixers have crafted an ingenious networking/job hunting soiree, Pinks Slipped Mixers 2.0. Its a happy hour mixer full of fellow pink slippers, soon to be pink slipped, recruiters, and others with the word on the street for employment.  Not only do you get to do sell yourself over discount drinks and whore dourves but you can get others to instantly pimp your skill sets too, using twitter and linkedIn accounts from their cell phones.  Its like speed dating but for employment.
Register at to get full rundown and the invite to the next event.

coles1Let’s keep the party going.  Be the first to check out downtown LA’s  newly rennovated Cole’s. The historic eatery known as the originator of the French Dip sandwich, will host two events that agree with  both your stomach and your wallet this weekend.  75 cent Dewars drinks til 11pm on Friday and Saturday you can afford a few drinks with sandwiches, sides, and desserts for a buck. Can’t beat that during the recession.
Contact Cole’s directly for more info. 118 E. 6th St, Downtown Los Angeles; 213. 622. 4090

Keep it going until Thursday, December 11th, from 7 to 9pm, come see the  BCBG and DKNY fashion show inside the Impulse Department at Macy’s. There you can be merry as you witness the exclusive show and indulge in food and drink along with giveaways and other freebies. We love free. Stay away from their shoe department– back I say, back! Rsvp by December 9th and receive free Valet Parking. Again, we loooove free.


 RSVP to

Macy’s @ Westfield Fashion Square 14006 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks