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Change Is Here!

I’m feeling like Oprah these days, how did I get here, again? During the Turkey Day and New Year 5 week Foodapalooza, I packed on a good 15 pounds!  Hopefully it’ll take only that amount of time to get it off.

Speaking of Oprah, I took granny’s advice and watched the episode she harrassed me for two days over. I’d tivo’d it and watched it much later, and as usual, Granny was on point.  The episode was an ‘I Hate My Job Intervention.’ I initially thought it a tad too late since I’ve been laid off since June, but, I found it to be an eye opener; even for the unemployed. The short version: Op’ and various  women participated in a workshop to identify why they hated their jobs, which led them to realize what they really wanted. For some it was to focus on areas of the job they loved or excelled and for others it  was recalling their passion and switching careers totally. The exciting thing was the tools they used to identify the likes, the loathes; failures, and where they excelled. I believe before going back to the workplace, us enemployed and fabulous need to take a look at this show and utilize some of the tools provided on to figure out what we really want in a career. What’s the point of going back to the same career if you were miserable before the layoff? Perhaps you mentally quit the job before you were fired? Do you really want to feel trapped at that cubicle again? Or is it possible to use this time off to identify your needs, desires, and be fearless in going after what you really want? Times are rough but lets choose hope over fear (thanks Mr. President) .

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Be Fearless

For weeks now I’ve been trying to figure out what to write. Looking for the best self help or job/employment related topic and you know what, I came up with nothing. But in the wee hours of the night I kept hearing ‘be fearless.’ Folks, it’s a new year and shit’s not gonna change unless we take some risks, janky economy or not. So you know what, it’s gut check time; balls out this year. Whatever it is you want to do with your life to change its course for the better, do that shit. NOW. Fear is so 2008. The economy had us scared. Losing our jobs had us scared. Politics had us shook. It’s 200mine (<- borrowed that one) and if you have any faith in God, you better know that success has already been awarded, so walk in it. Speak it. It’s week two into the new year and many of us have already forgot about the resolutions we made on a half drunken New Year’s eve. Many of us have cuddled up with that old friend, fear. If you’re going to lose weight, switch up jobs, travel, get rid of that mate, start a business, quit doing whatever or start doing whatever; stop being fearful and do that shit! As Katt Williams said, you gotta be in tune with your star player, which is you. Now, I’m taking my fat ass to my first spin class cause fat is not fabulous.