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The DJ Saved My Life

The unemployed and fabulous is feeling herself today! I managed to make my way back to my turntables to make a lil music for myself (NERD she wants to move blends quite well with MJ’s startin somethin). Considering I’ve yet to get my hands on Serato and I’ve got but 2 handsful of vinyl in varying beats per minute, I’m not ready to rock a party just yet, but I’m working on it. I know I’m not the only one that dreams of shocking the world with their show of awesome turntablism. So for those of us that dare to dream, there’s Scratch DJ Academy, my alma mater. At Scratch you can give the 1’s and 2’s a whirl without fear of getting your lights punched out just for going toward the tables and without sacrificing an arm or leg to purchase your own because their turntables are open and free to the public during the day (like you have a job to go to during the day). It’s like a community center but for DJs. Scratch allows you to get in touch with your inner dj with the use of their turntables, headphones, and vinyl. If you show real promise, you may be able to coerce a generous dj into instruction, otherwise paid classes are available and they have payment plans. Scratch DJ Academy has locations in LA, NYC, and Miami. Check locations for hours of operation at

Feel Like the Big Cheese Again


Feel like the big cheese again, as you feed and critique others. Thanks to Thrillist, I found out about the Grilled Cheese Invitational happening in LA on April 25th at a secret downtown location; the actual location will be revealed April 20th on their site. For $5 you can reign again, as one of 1700 tasters/judges for this annual cheese-oozing competition, deciding who wins in each of three categories: The Missionary Position (bread, butter, and cheese only), The Kama Sutra (basics, plus savory ingredients), or The Honey Pot (dessert-style). For the first time, this year’s setting will also include a beer & wine garden, with alcoholic proceeds going to a TBA charity — perhaps, the Foundation for the Unemployed and Fabulous. Look for your city on their site and order up tickets at

Free Eats…Sorta

Never eat at Denny’s and party like Lil Penny -Who You Wit? Jay-Z

Those were the good ‘ol days, back in the Clinton era, when even in college you could afford to be a food snob. Boy have times changed! I’ve been out of college and in the work place and back again since then and now on this second run, I can’t afford to thumb my nose at Denny’s, especially when it’s free. Denny’s is giving away its relatively new Grand Slamwich with the purchase of a Grand Slam. So, it’s not totally free like the great Grand Slam giveaway of February but this likely won’t create the county lines either. This time you can cattle prod a friend into actually going to Denny’s to purchase a Grand Slam and perhaps you’ll get to actually experience the glory of the free Grand Slamwich instead of the banal conversation of the people in front of you in line.

Another piece of nostalgia for you: