Reinvent Yourself

Yowza! Has it been that long?
Yes, I suppose it has and I’ll admit to being a bit trife. You probably thought I’d gone the way of the employed, but no. I’ve gone the way of student. I’ m reinventing myself through a fabulous Adobe Certified Expert program. Yep, I’m going digital. The way I see it, the digital divide that was talked about back in the early millenium is actually happening now and many people who think they’ll return to their old industry are sadly mistaken. Jobs have gone digital and if you don’t know how to create styles in a Microsoft Word document or know HTML from xHTML, you may as well get in line at the soup kitchen because they won’t be calling you back. And maybe they will call you back but you’d better watch your back because some Adobe application may render your industry obsolete. I, being a veteran of the Experiential Marketing industry, saw the writing on the wall long ago. There’s only so much face time to give when consumers would rather Facebook than talk to you. However, I was so trapped in the cycle of workin’ for the man and getting a check that I couldn’t get my hand out my own pocket long enough to take a class. But alas, unemployment has offered another silver lining: time and the title of Dislocated Worker. Doesn’t it sound all technical, maybe even a little dignified? Perhaps, but the title allows me and others just like me, the ability to qualify for career training funds (up to 8K in my area) via the Workforce Improvement Act. Ahhh yes, President Obama threw us another bone when he signed the Workforce Improvement Act; allocating major funds to local EDD Worksource offices. The WIA allows Dislocated Workers and others to improve their earning potential and career options by increasing skill levels, educational levels, or obtaining industry-relevant certification or licensure.

I know, you scoff at the thought of attending truck driving school or welding but, no, this program funds really relevant educational programs like my Adobe Certification program (We may as well get on board with the new media skills; those 97 MS Office skills can only get you so far my friend). For example, Project Management is one the fastest growing fields and WIA can pay for PM certification. And with whatever Healthcare option gets passed (whenever it gets passed), we’ll be dispensing more drugs to make up for any lost money, and with training in Pharmacology, you can become the next pusher! Green Housing is the next big thing, perhaps certification in Architectual Design or Green industry education will be your ticket in. And for those teachers that got the boot or are soon to be booted before securing that teaching credential, well, there’s funding for that too, boo. Maybe you fancy yourself the next dog whisperer or Poker Dealer, there’s Dog Obedience and good ol’ American Poker and Asian Table Gaming training too. It’s pretty bananas. And the cou de gras: you may even be able to extend your unemployment benefits until the end of your training program then catch up on the back end of whatever UE extension you’re on while you complete your coccoon phase.

To participate in this program, you’ll have to visit your local EDD or One Stop office and speak to a specialist or visit your state EDD website for more information. Seriously kids, it’s time to reinvent yourself and stop wallowing. I can’t recall more education ever hurting anyone. Now, get out there before the money runs out!


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  1. Nikki on


    I came across your blog via Parlour Mag and this entry is quite timely. I hope you don’t mind me asking but how did you go about getting the funding through WIA? I’ve been calling around and have been sent in circles trying to get this info.

    I’m in L.A., currently unemployed and looking to get training in various Adobe programs. Any info you can provide would be much appreciated. thanks!

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