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Eat Your Heart Out

You and your boo can indulge this weekend at LA’s Street Food Fest! I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but LA has exploded with Gourmet Food Trucks. They’re not of the roach coach variety but for real delicious offerings made readily available by truck. This Saturday the best of the best will converge downtown at LA CENTER STUDIOS (Enter on 500 S. Beaudry Ave) for their annual street food festival from 11am -5pm. Again, it’s not just a Mexican hot dog wrapped in bacon situation but a for real foodapalooza. Expect to see the usual suspects like the Kobi Korean Taco Truck, The Buttermilk Truck, Grilled Cheese Truck, Sweets Truck, Fresser’s, Frysmith, Slice Truck, Flying Pig, Fishlips, and Komodo but leave room for the surprise celebrity chef pop-up, and many more from authentic LA street food vendors from the Boyle Heights Street Food Fair and the O/G street delicacies including pambazos from Antojitos de Abuelita, acaraje from Sabor de Bahia, Mama Koh’s Korean chicken wings and much more! General admission is 5 bucks at the door, first come, first serve. Unfortunately VIP spots are sold out but General Admission still gets you beer, wine, use of the photobooth, and live entertainment. Soooo, eat your heart out for the Valentine’s Day weekend!



Membership Has Its Privileges

What I'm currently fawning over: LeSportsac totes by artist Tomokazu Matsyama

I may be out of a job but I can’t say I’ve stopped shopping. I’m a serial shopper so I’ll always find somewhere to spend money; 99cent store, Ross, Target, Goodwill, the beauty supply… You name it and I’m there with my pennies in hand. A while back I was sent an invite to Gilt Groupe, a member’s only discount shopping site. To be honest, I never really looked at the daily emails that inundated by inbox because I don’t like piss myself off first thing in the morning. I’d scan the subject, see the luxury brands offered then I’d get upset, then I’d hit delete. Same thing every day and sometimes multiple times a day. Finally, I got brave or curious and opened the email, and to my surprise, I found deals. Real deals on hot stuff. It was bananas! I actually could afford new stuff from the brands I like and others that I want to get to know! Imagine that? Gilt Group is fabulous but you have to act fast because the best items tend to sell out quickly. Check it out here at Refer a friend scratch that, a friend who actually makes a purchase, and get twenty-five smackaroos in your account!

Reinvent Yourself

Yowza! Has it been that long?
Yes, I suppose it has and I’ll admit to being a bit trife. You probably thought I’d gone the way of the employed, but no. I’ve gone the way of student. I’ m reinventing myself through a fabulous Adobe Certified Expert program. Yep, I’m going digital. The way I see it, the digital divide that was talked about back in the early millenium is actually happening now and many people who think they’ll return to their old industry are sadly mistaken. Jobs have gone digital and if you don’t know how to create styles in a Microsoft Word document or know HTML from xHTML, you may as well get in line at the soup kitchen because they won’t be calling you back. And maybe they will call you back but you’d better watch your back because some Adobe application may render your industry obsolete. I, being a veteran of the Experiential Marketing industry, saw the writing on the wall long ago. There’s only so much face time to give when consumers would rather Facebook than talk to you. However, I was so trapped in the cycle of workin’ for the man and getting a check that I couldn’t get my hand out my own pocket long enough to take a class. But alas, unemployment has offered another silver lining: time and the title of Dislocated Worker. Doesn’t it sound all technical, maybe even a little dignified? Perhaps, but the title allows me and others just like me, the ability to qualify for career training funds (up to 8K in my area) via the Workforce Improvement Act. Ahhh yes, President Obama threw us another bone when he signed the Workforce Improvement Act; allocating major funds to local EDD Worksource offices. The WIA allows Dislocated Workers and others to improve their earning potential and career options by increasing skill levels, educational levels, or obtaining industry-relevant certification or licensure.

I know, you scoff at the thought of attending truck driving school or welding but, no, this program funds really relevant educational programs like my Adobe Certification program (We may as well get on board with the new media skills; those 97 MS Office skills can only get you so far my friend). For example, Project Management is one the fastest growing fields and WIA can pay for PM certification. And with whatever Healthcare option gets passed (whenever it gets passed), we’ll be dispensing more drugs to make up for any lost money, and with training in Pharmacology, you can become the next pusher! Green Housing is the next big thing, perhaps certification in Architectual Design or Green industry education will be your ticket in. And for those teachers that got the boot or are soon to be booted before securing that teaching credential, well, there’s funding for that too, boo. Maybe you fancy yourself the next dog whisperer or Poker Dealer, there’s Dog Obedience and good ol’ American Poker and Asian Table Gaming training too. It’s pretty bananas. And the cou de gras: you may even be able to extend your unemployment benefits until the end of your training program then catch up on the back end of whatever UE extension you’re on while you complete your coccoon phase.

To participate in this program, you’ll have to visit your local EDD or One Stop office and speak to a specialist or visit your state EDD website for more information. Seriously kids, it’s time to reinvent yourself and stop wallowing. I can’t recall more education ever hurting anyone. Now, get out there before the money runs out!

Free Healthcare For Los Angelenos

It’s been forever people but I’m back. I won’t even say that I’ll be consisitent but I’ll try. My struggle is to keep you informed and offer hope for your employment future, and if nothing else, possibly deliver a laugh. I see in my absence, another unemployed and fabulous has reared it’s head. Honestly it looks like a great site for free events and other musings but it’s not me. On another note, it’s been over a year and I am still unemployed and fab! I was feeling more unemployed than fabulous for a while but I switched gears. I’m no longer waiting for an opportunity but making them. I encourage you to do the same. But like most fledgling entrepreneurs, I’m still without health insurance (Come on Obama, work that universal healthcare plan out now!). Don’t sleep, the nurse at my Community College is on point, but they don’t offer health screenings. Which is why I’ll be heading out to this week’s awesome offering at the Inglewood Forum.

Hundreds have already lined up to receive free medical, dental, and optometry services. Thanks to volunteer doctors, dentists, and nurses, the uninsured and underinsured can receive access to a remote health clinic located inside the Laker’s old house. Individuals will not be required to show proof of income or insurance or documentation of any kind for treatment, according to organizers. Only 1,200 people a day will be scheduled for the 45 medical exam rooms, 100 dental stations and 25 eye exam sites set up at The Forum. Full exams, including Mammography, chest X-rays, PAP smears, blood pressure screening and diabetes screening will be offered. Prescription eye glasses will be fitted and prepared on site according to the organizers.
I’ll be camped at 4am tomorrow, gunning for that number one spot!


The Forum is located at 3900 W Manchester Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90305-2200
Clinic hours 5:30am – 6pm
now until 8/18

Walgreens To The Rescue

Who would have ever thought unemployment would soar higher than Red and Meth put together? It’s currently 11% in California alone, which leaves most of us scrounging for healthcare resources. Earlier, I put you on to the college healthcare hustle, where you can get your learn on and basic medical attention for about 100 bucks. Now, Walgreens has stepped up in a major way, offering free medical care via its in-store Take Care clinics, for those that received the boot from the workplace after March 31, 2009.

For the rest of the year, Walgreens is offering free clinic visits to the newly unemployed and fabulous at 341 of its Take Care clinics in 35 markets around the country. Even spouses and children are eligible if they don’t have insurance of their own! Prescriptions will still have to be paid for, but tests and routine treatments for minor ailments can be handled at these walk-in clinics. Respiratory problems, allergies, infections and skin conditions are among the conditions the clinics are equipped to handle. No, you can’t get your annual physical or your kid’s vaccinations here but you can get the equivalent of urgent care or even ER service for those with minor conditions, according to the AP. Operating hours are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What’s the catch you say?

None. Potential recipients show proof of unemployment by way of a federal or state unemployment determination letter or unemployment check stub and sign a declaration of job loss. Easy.

Now stop trying to combat swine flu with Tussin and head to the Walgreens website to see if there’s a participating clinic near you.


The DJ Saved My Life

The unemployed and fabulous is feeling herself today! I managed to make my way back to my turntables to make a lil music for myself (NERD she wants to move blends quite well with MJ’s startin somethin). Considering I’ve yet to get my hands on Serato and I’ve got but 2 handsful of vinyl in varying beats per minute, I’m not ready to rock a party just yet, but I’m working on it. I know I’m not the only one that dreams of shocking the world with their show of awesome turntablism. So for those of us that dare to dream, there’s Scratch DJ Academy, my alma mater. At Scratch you can give the 1’s and 2’s a whirl without fear of getting your lights punched out just for going toward the tables and without sacrificing an arm or leg to purchase your own because their turntables are open and free to the public during the day (like you have a job to go to during the day). It’s like a community center but for DJs. Scratch allows you to get in touch with your inner dj with the use of their turntables, headphones, and vinyl. If you show real promise, you may be able to coerce a generous dj into instruction, otherwise paid classes are available and they have payment plans. Scratch DJ Academy has locations in LA, NYC, and Miami. Check locations for hours of operation at

Feel Like the Big Cheese Again


Feel like the big cheese again, as you feed and critique others. Thanks to Thrillist, I found out about the Grilled Cheese Invitational happening in LA on April 25th at a secret downtown location; the actual location will be revealed April 20th on their site. For $5 you can reign again, as one of 1700 tasters/judges for this annual cheese-oozing competition, deciding who wins in each of three categories: The Missionary Position (bread, butter, and cheese only), The Kama Sutra (basics, plus savory ingredients), or The Honey Pot (dessert-style). For the first time, this year’s setting will also include a beer & wine garden, with alcoholic proceeds going to a TBA charity — perhaps, the Foundation for the Unemployed and Fabulous. Look for your city on their site and order up tickets at

Free Eats…Sorta

Never eat at Denny’s and party like Lil Penny -Who You Wit? Jay-Z

Those were the good ‘ol days, back in the Clinton era, when even in college you could afford to be a food snob. Boy have times changed! I’ve been out of college and in the work place and back again since then and now on this second run, I can’t afford to thumb my nose at Denny’s, especially when it’s free. Denny’s is giving away its relatively new Grand Slamwich with the purchase of a Grand Slam. So, it’s not totally free like the great Grand Slam giveaway of February but this likely won’t create the county lines either. This time you can cattle prod a friend into actually going to Denny’s to purchase a Grand Slam and perhaps you’ll get to actually experience the glory of the free Grand Slamwich instead of the banal conversation of the people in front of you in line.

Another piece of nostalgia for you:



Put your extra $50 bucks from the unemployment increase to work here! Los Angelenos can shop and mingle this weekend to a soundtrack. And you can afford to do so with shirts for ten buck and hoodies for 20. Don’t get too drunk at the bar and go into debt though, remember, the summation of small things…


Get Up, Get Out, Do Something

blogLA may not feel like spring but it’s definitely in the air. Daylight Savings Time just kicked in (my favorite time) and spring is officially here in nine days. There’s no better way to celebrate the change in weather like getting out of the house. We’ve been captive to the crib all winter thanks to the cold weather and some of us were held captive by our wallets. It sucks when you can’t afford to go out; no snaps for the petro, a drink, a plane ticket, let alone indulgences like live shows. Luckily some concert promoters have taken pity on our pockets, allowing us to cop music festival tickets on layaway. Hey, If it works for retail, why not concerts? Slow dough is better than no dough!

Huge outdoor festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Country Thunder are now offering layaway payment options for their spring/summer concerts. You music festival goers can now make a down payment and pay monthly to secure your spot at festivals, where tickets can run up to $350. And with most of your entertainment and marketing hook ups being unemployed, for the first time you may have to come out the pocket for entertainment other than strippers. Perhaps Live Nation and Ticketmaster will follow suit? Let’s cross our fingers.