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Unemployed and Healthy

healthcare-crisis-730847So I’ve been on the run these few weeks. Had a bit of writer’s block. I struggle with trying to provide informative prose and reporting the ongoings in my life. Today I have a bit of both. I’ve decided to return to school, seeing as I now have more than enough time and with my low income, I can qualify for Financial Aid (again, thank you Mr. Bush for wrecking the economy). I digress. At any rate, I returned to school but I’m taking baby steps. I enrolled in my local community college to take an Economy class in preparation for an MBA program. (Great time to take such a class in this economic climate; almost information overload). Again, I digress. Since COBRA was ridiculously expensive, I’ve been consulting WebMD, Google for home remedies, and my BFF- a nurse for my healthcare concerns. By the grace of God, I’ve incurred no serious health issues but school has provided another ray of hope: Student Health benefits. Jackpot baby! Although there’s no acute care, I at least have access to a physician or PA and can now get prescription filled on the cheap. Alas, now I can GET a prescription!

Now, as I was writing this, the new Stimulus package passed (Yes, it took me that long) which includes money for Cobra subsidies! Apparently, people that were laid off as of December have access to discount Cobra. The Government will shoulder 65% of Cobra cost, which is truly a blessing with Cobra being so expensive. Sadly, healthcare was one of the first things I abandoned when I was laid off. So buck up little champs, there’s still hope for living healthy & fabulous while unemployed! As for us that were put out of the workplace prior to December, there’s always school.