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Don’t Call It A Comeback





layaway1I know I’ve been MIA but have a heart, my long distance love has moved to this side of the hemisphere, so I was kind of boo’d up for a minute. Additionally, the drug trial study meds I’ve been taking to help combat my ADD, seem not to be working so well, I think I’m on the placebo at this point. But now that I’m on furlough from my love lockdown, I’m focused and I’ve got some interesting finds to share with my fellow unemployed and fabulous. And after hearing the good news about the extension of your unemployment benefits, you can live a little and cease the nail biting a while as you wait to land your next gig. But before you go wasting your little bit of dough and charging up your credit card on Black Friday, consider this: you’re broke. Most American’s are, so you’re in good company but instead of increasing the balance on your credit card, think about putting your purchases on layaway. Yes, people, layaway is back! Layaway has been resurrected because we’re broke and our credit ratings have dwindled while our credit balances have continued to creep up. Retailers know it, so take advantage. Feeling embarrassed about layaway? Well there are online layaway outlets too! There you can select your product and choose your own payment terms.  

Can’t wait to pay off the layaway and need instant gratification? Well at least get a discount on your purchases. Another discovery I made, while Googling for a Wing Stop coupon, was the wonderful world of coupon codes. God smiled on me that night and led me to a coupon code for five free wings! Perhaps it’s just me but I love getting stuff for free or on the cheap, so I explored this world of couponing a bit further and found it’s not a Sunday paper thing anymore. There are sites for coupons and coupon codes for almost any purchase; electronics, clothes, travel, home improvement, dental work, yada, yada, yada.


Enjoy some savings from the sites I’ve located and while you’re out, ask your favorite retailer if they now offer layaway. I know, there’s nothing sexy about leaving the layaway line but good credit is.  Take notes, toots!



Online layaway outlets & popular retailers offering layaway:

Burlington Coat Factory

Marshall’s & TJ Maxx



KB Toy Store


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