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Membership Has Its Privileges

What I'm currently fawning over: LeSportsac totes by artist Tomokazu Matsyama

I may be out of a job but I can’t say I’ve stopped shopping. I’m a serial shopper so I’ll always find somewhere to spend money; 99cent store, Ross, Target, Goodwill, the beauty supply… You name it and I’m there with my pennies in hand. A while back I was sent an invite to Gilt Groupe, a member’s only discount shopping site. To be honest, I never really looked at the daily emails that inundated by inbox because I don’t like piss myself off first thing in the morning. I’d scan the subject, see the luxury brands offered then I’d get upset, then I’d hit delete. Same thing every day and sometimes multiple times a day. Finally, I got brave or curious and opened the email, and to my surprise, I found deals. Real deals on hot stuff. It was bananas! I actually could afford new stuff from the brands I like and others that I want to get to know! Imagine that? Gilt Group is fabulous but you have to act fast because the best items tend to sell out quickly. Check it out here at Refer a friend scratch that, a friend who actually makes a purchase, and get twenty-five smackaroos in your account!