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Unemployed and Fabulous!

Being pink slipped this past June, caused immediate panic over the loss of perks that having a job afforded me other than the ability to pay bills and contribute to my savings account. I slid into a lightweight depression over the little things that I think make my life fabulous: great food, a supported shopping habit, travel, and, simply put, fun.  For real, I was sent into a tizzy over the thought of, how I would afford fun? How would I continue my fabulous lifestyle of free drinking at the hot parties; taking short trips here and there; having drinks poolside wherever? How would I afford to maintain my style: that’s upkeep on hair, nails, accessories, clothes, shoes, bags, and gadgets? Did I mention shoes? I’m a confessed foodie, so how would I afford to eat? I love lunching at restaurants and preparing new dishes at home. How would I continue to do this?  What would happen when the iPhone killer comes out and my broke ass can’t get it? These are some of the things that make me, well, ME. I couldn’t go back to conventional food, weekend partying, a flip phone, and God forbid, last year’s shoes. That’s not Nitra!


After about a month of sulking and weeks of serious job searching; I mean serious job hunting. Seriously, I had a “work” schedule from 10-5 with an hour lunch for two weeks, which garnered zilch. I dedicated myself to the job hunt. I wouldn’t talk on the phone during “work” hours. I allowed myself a couple breaks and snuck in some blackberry messaging but I was focused. After three weeks I noticed I was in a fabulous deficit. I felt totally unfabulous. I’d lost all my fabulocity while droning away on the computer all day as if I worked in an office—a place I’ve learned to despise. Luckily I have friends who are no strangers to periods of forced and willing unemployment. When I’d hit my low, which resulted in anger because all of my unemployment was going towards bills, and self pity because no one was responding to my constantly tweaked resume; my friends stepped in and put me on to a few things, which I’ll share with you.  


My girls were amazing! Let me share some of their wisdom.


  • I learned that you could put your car note on hold for a few months if you were current on your payments.

Two months of not paying a car note eased the depression and left me with a little cash to save and indulge in much needed fun.


  • I learned not to pay the entire utility bill. 

One friend asked me why I was paying my entire utility bill when I could simply “put something on it.” How brazen!


  • I learned to apply for discounted utility service.  

Utility companies have discounted programs for low income residents, which I now qualify for thanks to a significantly reduced income. *Request an extension; every month until the discount program kicks in if you’re really balsy. 


  • Payment Protection is your friend.

I remembered the extra four bucks I’d been paying on my credit cards for Payment Protection, in which the company pays a little more than your minimum payment for six months to a year while you’re unemployed. *The credit card is now for emergencies not shoes.


  • Request a student loan deferment due to unemployment.

I deferred my student loans but agreed to pay the interest during the deferment period. I didn’t want the balance to increase because of interest. With extra credit card money to spread around, why not be fiscally responsible?


With the janky economy and pink slips being handed out everywhere, it seems like no one is safe. Fortunately with all this downtime, I’ve crafted quite a few ways to make money and maintain life in the fab lane without being employed, which I’ll share with you. Feel free to send me your creative (legal) money making or spend thrift ideas to